Wordle of the first scene of Romeo and Juliet

Yes, yes, I know that word clouds are awfully old and worn out. But, I wanted to make a visual for my students on the first day of class to see what dominates the first scene of Romeo and Juliet. Doing this reminded me that making wordles is fun even if it makes me very yesterday. I removed the character prompts, but you see the family names still show up. Other words of masculinity, violence, and love poetry also stand out. This visualization works very well with the reading of the scene I have in mind.

Wordle: Romeo and Juliet Scene I


About Jessica C. Murphy

Associate Prof of Lit Studies at UT Dallas, Author of _Virtuous Necessity: Conduct Literature and the Making of the Virtuous Woman in Early Modern England_ (http://www.press.umich.edu/7685052/virtuous_necessity)
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